TZP Group announced a strategic investment and partnership with Feel The World, Inc., dba Xero Shoes.

Launched in 2009 by Lena Phoenix and Steven Sashen, Xero product range includes casual and performance shoes, boots and sandals.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Lena and Steven and the rest of the Xero team,” said Erin Edwards, partner at TZP. “Xero is uniquely positioned in the broader footwear Industry to benefit from consumers’ increasing preferences around health and wellness, outdoor-focused, active lifestyles, and affordably priced products. The company has had tremendous success to date and has created a loyal customer base of brand enthusiasts. Xero has experienced strong growth since its launch and we believe there is significant potential to further build on its success with increased investments in awareness, distribution and product development.”

Marc Schneider, a senior advisor to TZP Group, with over 35 years of industry experience, including most recently serving as CEO of Kenneth Cole Productions, has also made a direct investment in Xero and will be joining the Board of Directors. “I am thrilled to partner with TZP and Xero on this exciting opportunity. Xero shoes offer an amazing combination of style, fit, comfort, and function, with tremendous growth potential.”

Steven Sashen, CEO and co-founder, shared “After years of bootstrapping Xero Shoes’ growth, Lena and I are thrilled to have a partner that shares our vision and has the resources to help us become a global brand that helps more people experience the comfort and benefits of our footwear.” Lena Phoenix added, “I am excited about the partnership with TZP and the experience they bring to the table. With their support, I am looking forward to our next chapter of growth.”

Photo courtesy Xero Shoes