Worth Inc. announces a lawsuit filed against the Amateur Softball Association on July 10th in Oklahoma City Federal Court based on an ASA announcement on June 30, 2003 that a new bat standard based upon a new high-speed test system is to become effective Jan 1, 2004.

Because ASA made this decision before bat manufacturers had access to a lab certified with the new test system, we have been unable to fully determine the impact on Worth bat models both past and present. We are well into the production, sales, and shipment of our 2004 line of bats without a solid understanding of design changes that may be necessary to meet the new standard. ASA’s action in this regard is extremely disruptive for players, retailers, and bat manufacturers alike.

ASA’s action is not justified under its contract with Worth and other Manufacturers. Because of this unwarranted action by ASA, Worth has filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court in Oklahoma City asking the Court to require ASA to act in keeping with its bat licensing contract and grant the required lead time and grand-fathering time prescribed when changing standards.

When the legal issues have been further clarified, Worth will announce its plans to move forward. Rest assured that Worth will persist in its efforts to bring fair treatment to the ASA players and our industry.

A final important point with regard to any ASA standard is that the standard applies only to ASA National Championship play. Meanwhile, all current Worth softball bat models comply with the present ASA standard, and all Worth bats continue to meet the BPF 1.20 standard recognized by other softball associations, including USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.