Withings announced the acquisition of 8fit, the health, fitness and wellness app.Available in six languages, its offerings include workouts, customized meal plans and self-care to users.

Said Withings “8fit capabilities further strengthen Withings’ ongoing strategy to develop personalized programs that combine sophisticated data with insights that empower users to modify behavior. The company said it intends to invest more than $30 million over the next three years to develop personalized support.

This news follows last month’s announcement of Withings’ acquisition of Impeto Medical, a specialist in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices for physicians.

“In recent years, users have shown a growing need for solutions to help them (re)gain control over their health. Not only do people seek to understand their health by monitoring key health metrics, they also need to be supported, engaged and motivated throughout their journey to better health. We now feel it’s key to enter the era of the “product-service-data”, combining personal health data with personalized wellness plans, and further deliver on our mission to empower anyone to be healthier in the long run. With the acquisition of 8fit, we are well placed to deliver a strategy that combines elegantly designed health devices, enhanced health data and experienced advice that is simple to adopt and designed specifically for our customers. ” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO, Withings.

Launched in 2014, 8fit promotes healthy lifestyles providing personalized nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness programs that address all aspects of its users’ health to achieve their goals.

“From the services we offer, it’s clear that Withings and 8fit are aligned to help users achieve their health goals. We are excited to combine Withings’ expertise in connected health devices that collect accurate, quality data with our fitness and nutrition plans. Together, we will provide our users with a more holistic health offering to help them lead healthier, happier lives,” said Lisette Fabian, CEO, 8fit.