Westcomb recently hired new sales representation in four U.S. territories, the Rockies, the Southeast, the Northwest, and California and the Southwest. In addition, Westcomb also recently moved into a new brand headquarters, an office building located adjacent to the Vancouver factory where all of its manufacturing takes place.

The location not only gives the three-year-old company a larger, more convenient and long-term headquarters, it allows unparalleled access to the manufacturing side of the operation, said founder and Director Alan Yiu.

In the Rockies, High Altitude Sales, consisting of sales representatives Ryan Overstake, Eric Miller and Jason Livingston, will cover Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska and New Mexico. In the Southeast, Westcomb will be represented by Eastern Outdoor Sales. Allyn Morton, Maria Morton and John Reynierson will cover the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. In the Northwest, Backeddy Sales and sales representative Ben Palliser will cover Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. In California and the Southwest, Sierra del Oro Trading Co. and reps Tim Richards and Jason Telford will represent Westcomb in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

These four sales groups join a number of existing Westcomb sales representatives. In the Northeast, Westcomb is represented by Doug Madara. In Alaska, the DE Group and Matt Smith represent the brand and in the central U.S., Hopp Outdoors and rep Bert Hopp represent Westcomb.

In Canada, sales reps Stephen Bergeron and Colin Milne handle Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, New Brunwick and Prince Edward Island. In western Canada (British Columbia and Alberta), sales are handled by Gabriel Cote.