VSSL said it is building a world-class sales team across North America, and globally, to “embrace existing sales relationships with dealer partners and nurture the next generation of wholesale partnerships with retailers that can showcase the entire line and amplify the brand’s message around compact, durable, integrated products.”

The company reported that VSSL’s revenue has “tripled over the last three years” and that the “direct channel has been the primary growth driver leading up to new product launches for VSSL.” VSSL also said that its new sales team would “fortify VSSL’s wholesale distribution channel in alignment with new product offerings for the brand.”

“This new stable of sales professionals that we have pulled together are the perfect partners to pour gas on VSSL’s fire and propel our brand,” said VSSL Founder and CEO Todd Weimer. “We’re honored to build with these people and our treasured relationships with retailers.”

VSSL’s sales team in North American by region/agency includes:

  • Rocky Mountain: Mtn Stuff
  • Pacific Northwest: Tokul Creek
  • Southeast: On the Road & Off
  • Mid-Atlantic: Ferrand Associates
  • Great Lakes: Surrounded by Lakes
  • Southwest: Sespe Group
  • Northeast: All Roads North
  • Eastern Canada: Rventure
  • Western Canada: Dollhouse