Volcom has integrated RECCO reflectors into their snowboarding apparel this winter season. “More kids are putting themselves at risk in the backcountry and it is important to have this type of technology,” says
Volcom President and CEO Richard Woolcott. “If we can add a feature to our product that can increase safety and awareness, it is a valid and worthy effort. RECCO is a step we can take in helping save someone's life.”

For the '05-'06 season, RECCO reflectors will be integrated into the Omega line, as well as incorporated into select Nimbus and Thermonite group pieces. In total, 10 Volcom styles will be outfitted with RECCO reflectors
for this winter season. By adopting the advanced location technology into its winter line, Volcom joins other snow sports brands such as Sessions, Quiksilver, Arc'teryx, and The North Face who now equip their outerwear with RECCO.

Volcom outerwear design director Dan Geary sees the technology as a logical
response to the current progression of snowboarding. “When a lot of kids
are looking at outerwear to be tech and loaded with features, RECCO just
adds to the value of each outerwear piece,” he says. “With everyone these
days spending more time in the backcountry, more people respect this type of

According to Geary, RECCO provides an additional benefit in the important
area of avalanche education. “I think that most riders are somewhat aware of
what can happen on the mountain, ” he says. “We hope that adding RECCO to
our outerwear makes people realize that an avalanche can happen to them and
they should educate themselves.”

Woolcott takes this thinking a step further, calling for more active efforts
at promoting awareness from all snowboard companies. “As an industry, we
should all be pushing for better education and safety for backcountry and
resort riding,” he says. “Increasing awareness and educating our customer
will benefit everyone in the long run.”