Vista Outdoor Inc. announced the acquisition of e-bike brand QuietKat and hunt-inspired female apparel brand Venor. The acquisitions were announced as Vista plans to unveil on Wednesday morning its Value Creation Framework growth strategy and its long-term financial targets at its Investor Day.

“Fiscal year 2021 was historic on many levels. We welcomed millions of new outdoor enthusiasts, we expanded our family of brands with the additions of Remington and HEVI-Shot and we accelerated our transformation through record earnings, free cash and debt paydown,” said Vista Outdoor CEO Chris Metz. “Today we turn to the future, which starts with our Value Creation Framework. The underpinnings of this Framework will fuel our three-year plan and guide our next phase of growth and value creation. I look forward to discussing this Framework and outlining our long-term financial targets during our Investor Day later this morning.

“I am equally excited to welcome QuietKat and Venor to the Vista Outdoor family of powerhouse brands. QuietKat is an electric bicycle company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing rugged, all-terrain eBikes. Based in Eagle, CO, the company will continue to be led by its co-founders and twin brothers, Jake and Justin Roach. Venor is a Minnesota-based, hunt-inspired female apparel brand. The Venor lifestyle is anchored in adventure, community and empowering women to live their best outdoor lives. I am delighted to announce that Kelly Reisdorf, our chief investor relations and communications officer, will expand her role and lead Venor as its general manager,” concluded Metz.

Vista Outdoor’s brands include Federal Premium, CamelBak, Bushnell, Camp Chef, Remington, Primos, Blackhawk, Bell, Giro, Bushnell Golf, Primos, Eagle, RCBS, CCI, HEVI-Shot, and Speer.

Photo courtesy Venor