The National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) released their annual Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results*, and Vicis was awarded the top three spots in the rankings.

The 2021 helmet evaluation featured more than 25 different helmets approved for use in the upcoming NFL season, including models from Riddell, Schutt and Xenith, with Vicis Zero2 helmets achieving the best overall scores. The laboratory test conditions are intended to represent potentially concussive head impacts in the NFL.

The Top 15 were listed as follows:

  1. Vicis Zero2-R Matrix
  2. Vicis Zero2-R Trench
  3. Vicis Zero2-R
  4. Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond (R41106)
  5. Riddell SpeedFlex Precision (R41156)
  6. Riddell SpeedFlex Diamond (R41175)
  7. Xenith Shadow XR
  8. Vicis Zero1 (2018)
  9. Schutt F7N (208100)
  10. Schutt F7 URI (208300)
  11. Riddell SpeedFlex (R41195)
  12. Schutt F7 VTD II (208801)
  13. Xenith Shadow
  14. Schutt Air XP Pro Q11 Ltd (788600)
  15. Riddell Speed (R41190)

In a statement, Vicis noted that a Vicis helmet has earned the top rating in the NFL/NFLPA’s Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results four times since the company’s launch in 2017.

“The Zero2 is a result of our team’s relentless passion for innovative design focused on protection and pushing the industry forward,” said Jason Neubauer, VP of product development, Vicis, in a statement. “For three Vicis helmets to sit atop the NFL/NFLPA’s helmet rankings is a testament to this commitment, and we look forward to seeing all three helmets on the field next season.”

*Since 2015, the NFL and NFLPA have collaborated with these independent analysts on an annual report that assesses the performance of helmets worn by NFL athletes, giving players information to make more informed decisions about their protective equipment. Laboratory tests are designed to represent head impacts in the NFL and are focused on the ability of these helmets to reduce the severity of those impacts. The full Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results can be found here.

Photo courtesy Vicis