Vertical Brands, which in mid November acquired the worldwide license for K2 Sports Apparel, named Bill Post as its director for the brand.

Post, who previously worked with Nordica, Cocona, Point6 and other outdoor industry brands, will lead Vertical Brands’ efforts to oversee K2 Sports Apparel design, manufacturing and product sales in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, with the exception of Korea.

“K2 gives us a phenomenal opportunity to launch this heritage brand and expand our portfolio of premium products,” said Vertical Brands CEO Christopher Neary. “In addition, we have been fortunate to enlist the talents of Bill Post to direct the efforts and ensure that it is properly conceived and targeted in this challenging market. Bill brings a wealth of experience and passion for the wintersports business and, along with our design team, has created a concise, well-thought-out introductory line that will establish our path for the future. Lastly, we have been fortunate to align a strong sales team, which will be a key to our success.”

K2 Sports Apparel will launch for fall 2017 and will be present at regional and major trade shows, officials said.

Vertical Brands is a brand consortium and a component of Vertical Holdings LLC based in Shrewsbury, NJ. In addition to apparel brand management, Vertical Holdings also focuses on production management, sourcing and design.

Photo courtesy K2