South African footwear brand Veldskoen Shoes opened its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta to expand the business stateside. The initiative comes after the founding families re-acquired the brand in late 2023. 

The company received an initial investment from California-based Fun Brands, actor Ashton Kutcher and entrepreneur Mark Cuban in 2018. In an interview in early 2023, company Co-founder Nick Dreyer said the two effectively had a 50 percent stake in Veldskoen. He said the brand first gained notoriety in the UK when Prince Harry was spotted wearing a pair.

“I am excited about Veldskoen Shoes’ journey in the United States,” said Dreyer. “Our commitment to quality, sustainability and comfort aligns with our values, and I believe we have tremendous potential in this market. We are very happy in our new U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, and this expansion will allow us to bring our unique and high-quality footwear to even more customers, showing off South African manufacturing excellence. We are grateful for the support we received from Fun Brands, Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban,” he concluded.

The strategic investment will fuel Veldskoen Shoes’ ambitious growth plans, including partnering with new retail outlets, an enhanced online presence and increased marketing efforts to reach a broader audience.

Veldskoen Shoes produces handmade and ethically crafted footwear inspired by the traditional South African “Veldskoen” or “Field Shoe,” used on most terrains. The brand said its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has resonated with global consumers.

The company’s U.S. expansion plan includes increased availability in major retail outlets, pop-ups in major cities and a strengthened e-commerce platform to make Veldskoen Shoes easily accessible to U.S. consumers.

Images courtesy Veldskoen Shoes USA