In March 2006 VAUDE and the climbing brand EDELRID were combined. Together, both companies are now setting a strategic course for integrating their competencies and fortifying both brands’ market position in Germany and abroad. VAUDE’s eperience in the clothing and hardware sectors have been supplemented by EDELRID’s experience in the development and production of climbing hardware.

Each brand will continue to strengthen its field of competency. By joining brands, VAUDE and EDELRID offer their accumulated mountain sport expertise and emerge as a leading complete outfitter covering the entire spectrum of textiles and hardware for all Outdoor and mountain sports activities.

The parent company, VAUDE, places great value on strengthening the Edelrid brand as well as the company location Isny/Southern Germany. EDELRID will continue to operate as an independent company under the leadership of Martin Korte, CEO, and Markus Wanner, Proxy, at their company location in Germany. The future strategy focuses on the core competencies of both companies while simultaneously using the synergy potential and merging the organisational scope of duties.

EDELRID will increase its concentration on development, production, and distribution of climbing hardware and expand these fields. Furthermore, EDELRID will continuously expand the sectors of industry and occupational safety. EDELRID will take over product development and product manufacturing as well as the distribution of the VAUDE subsidary brands Lucky (climbing hardware) and Markill (gas stoves and hydration systems). EDELRID’s established distribution structures will continue and be expanded over the long term through investments in human resources. Select company divisions such as logistics, data processing and communications will be combined in accordant competency centres, in order to optimise synergy. Expanding resources in core competencies will optimise long-term growth for both teams.

“With this strategic orientation we can achieve the optimal utilisation of expertise and an increased efficiency that will lead to more favourable cost structures within the organisation; in turn higher investment potential for research and development will be freed up. That will help us secure innovation strength and sustainability of both companies in the long run,” said Albrecht von Dewitz, CEO of VAUDE. “As an independent company, EDELRID will continue on with its current product palette known for its high level of quality. We’re very happy that we can offer our customers VAUDE’s outstanding logistics service; nothing will change in our organisational processing”, explained Martin Korte, CEO of EDELRID.

Implementation of the joint strategy will be launched at the first joint appearance at a trade fair at the OutDoor Fair 2007. As of spring 2008 the connection between both brands will be clearly expressed through end consumer communcation channels such as adverts, catalogues, events, sponsoring and collaborations with climbing halls.