Vasque committed to work in partnership with other outdoor brands to support the Outdoor Industry Association’s goal to find a venue and city that reflects the values of the outdoor industry.

“Now, it’s more important than ever for outdoor brands and retailers to come together and find a unified voice to defend our public lands. Outdoor Retailer is an important time and place for us to join forces for the greater good. Vasque is committed to the continued support of this practice, contributing to the discussion,” said George Curleigh, vice president of Vasque. “No single brand is large enough to rally enough support for our public lands. Large companies and small ones must work together to make a singular statement that will rise above the heavy political noise. Vasque wants to be a part of that movement.”

“As a sponsor of the annual OIA Capitol Summit in Washington DC for the last four years, we’ve seen how pivotal the OIA has been in driving the protection of the Bears Ears, as well as many other issues. We will continue to stand with the OIA and industry as whole in order to have the largest possible impact,” Curleigh added.

Vasque invited other brands to join them and work together to define ways to protect Utah’s public lands.

Photo courtesy Vasque