Vasque Footwear has partnered with Norwegian distributor TRACX to bring Vasque footwear to the Scandinavian market.

“We are excited to partner with TRACX Norway, whose team has a long history in the market and has the drive and vision suited to launch a new brand,” said Joel Lee, Vasque’s global sales director. “The Norway market is vibrant, athletic and commitment to getting outside every day – a perfect fit for Vasque products.”

Founded in 2018, TRACX is based in Oslo, supplying the Norwegian sports market with outdoor and sporting goods products. TRACX currently works with Darn Tough, Mountain Works, Goggle Soc, Takeya, Gorilla Glue, O’Keefe’s, and others.

“We believe that Vasque is the perfect match for us as a company and with the nature Norway has to offer,” said Rune Andersen, chief executive officer at TRACX. “Our fjords and mountains fit the brand and quality perfectly. We also know that the people at Vasque are passionate about the outdoors, and this made our friendship and collaboration an obvious and easy decision. We are so proud to represent the brand in Norway!”

Lee added, “We’re thrilled to reestablish Vasque’s presence in Europe, and this is just the beginning. In 2021 we will open in the UK, and we look forward to launching into more countries soon after.”

Photo courtesy Vasque