Varsity Spirit announced the launch of Varsity Pro, a new brand centered around professional dance and cheer teams in the NBA and NFL.

Varsity Pro will offer professional dance teams custom choreography from a team of talented choreographers who have worked with the best dance and cheer teams in the industry, as well as apparel and event opportunities. Varsity Pro chorographers will consult with teams and provide them with fully staged, performance-ready routines that are high energy and will engage the crowd.

“There has been a shift among professional dance and cheer teams towards a more engaging, crowd-friendly style. For decades, Varsity Spirit has perfected that style and developed the leadership skills in the best college dance teams in the country, and we are excited to come along and partner with pro sports organizations to help them in this mission, all while retaining their edginess and entertainment value,” said Bill Seely, president of Varsity Spirit. “We can also offer professional teams the ease of a one stop shop, with all of our resources at their fingertips.”

Varsity Spirit outfits over 750,000 athletes annually, and professional teams that partner with Varsity Pro will work with the designers of Varsity Spirit Fashion to create their own custom looks, using unique designs and innovative fabrics, guided by experienced apparel reps around the country, offering personalized service.

Earlier this month, Varsity Spirit announced a multiyear partnership with the NBA franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies. Varsity Spirit will be the Official Outfitter of the Grizz Girls, the Grizzlies Dance Team. As the Official Outfitter of the Grizz Girls, Varsity Spirit will collaborate with Grizzlies management to provide performance wear, practice wear, warm-ups and bags, as well as off-court apparel for official Grizzlies events and appearances.

Professional teams who sign on with Varsity Pro will also receive access to recruiting events scheduled in conjunction with Varsity Spirit’s collegiate national events in California, Orlando and Daytona, where the most competitive college dance and cheer teams in the nation compete.

To reach out to younger dancers and cheerleaders, Varsity Pro will offer Spirit Days, one-day clinics taught by Varsity Spirit instructors, who will lead youth clinics and group activities at pro teams’ facilities. Participants will have the opportunity to perform at pre-game or half-time shows at NBA or NFL events. More information is available at