USA Track & Field (USATF) signed nutrition company Garden of Life as an official sponsor, to exclusively provide protein bars, powder, shakes and probiotic products to athletes.

This means no Gatorade, Clif or Powerbar products will make it into the limelight for USATF events.

Garden of Life’s contract is currently set to extend through 2020.

Garden of Life will also educate USATF athletes about the importance of clean nutrition without unsafe or banned substances.

The partnership is already in action, with Garden of Life protein products available to USATF athletes at their team training camp currently underway in Texas.

“We’re thrilled to work with USATF, and especially during this exciting time as they prepare for competition at the world’s biggest athletic stage,” said Garden of Life President Brian Ray. “It’s crucial that all athletes have access to safe, clean, clinically studied and scientifically formulated nutrition. This partnership enables us to expand our support of track and field athletes worldwide, including members of the USATF National Team.”

Garden of Life products will be available at workouts and competitions year-round, including at national team training camps, qualifying events, national championships and athlete lounges. Products will also be placed in national team kits, and exclusive discounts will be offered to more than 130,000 USATF members.

“Due to the growing demand for clean, Certified USDA Organic nutrition without toxic pesticides or GMOs, Garden of Life has been the protein of choice for runners, Ironman competitors and track and field athletes for years,” added Ray.