Lafuma reported this week that fiscal third quarter sales declined year on year by 0.5% to €45.6 million ($65.3 mm) compared to last year when the company posted sales of €50.9 million ($55.6 mm). International sales decreased in the third quarter as well, falling 1.2% to €17.3 million ($20.9 mm) when compared to €17.5 million ($ 19.4 mm) last year.

Overall group sales remained relatively stable, posting a 0.8% increase to €127.2 million ($156.4 mm) for the third quarter year-to-date period. International year-to-date sales increased 4.3% to €53.1 million ($65.3 mm) compared to €50.9 million ($55.6 mm) for the same period last year.
Lafuma management called out good performances in both the U.S. and the Asian markets, saying, “Sales in general are driven by high export activity for the USA and Asia, as well as by Millet sales which continue to outperform the market.” Revenues derived from the Millet brand increased by 13% for Q3 YTD period.

Guillaume Linossier, GM of Lafuma America, told BOSS that sales trends in the U.S. Market remain relatively stable compared to last quarter (See BOSS_0424). Lafuma experienced a 200% increase in sleeping bag sales in the American market for the first half of the year and a 30% jump in outdoor furniture sales.