New for this winter season, Teton Gravity Research and one of their key riders and snowboarding legend, Jeremy Jones, released No Words For The Way Down, an immersive, limited-edition photo journal documenting the iconic action sports athlete’s life, which has been dedicated for the last 20 years to alpine exploration, equipment pioneering, and human-powered ascent.

jeremy-jones-book“No Words for the Way Down” is a coffee table book that tells the behind-the-scenes story of Jones’s groundbreaking expedition film trilogy “Deeper,” “Further,” and “Higher,” and is the culmination of more than five years spent pushing what’s possible in big mountain snowboarding, adventure travel and mountaineering.

Breathtaking imagery and excerpts from Jones’s personal journal lend an introspective glimpse at the thoughts and passions that drive the man who has contributed countless chapters to the history of snowboarding. The included Blu-Ray extras DVD features unseen footage from the filming of the trilogy.

“To not explore, to not evolve, to not seek out precious new ground would be a disservice to those who came before us.”

“A major project such as the one Jeremy undertook offers such rich storytelling opportunities, and ‘No Words for the Way Down’ provides unseen details and an incredible side story to supplement the films,” said TGR co-founder and Jeremy’s brother Todd Jones. “It has been deeply moving to document my brother through all his hard work and dedication, and it has been an honor to have been able to support his adventurous spirit.”

The trilogy of snowboard films, each a two-year project, documents Jeremy Jones and his companions as they travel deeper into the backcountry, further into uninhabited mountain ranges, and higher up steep alpine terrain that, more often than not, has never been ridden. Jones, along with these films, has pushed the frontiers of snowboarding into new space, making way for future pioneers.

“We stand on the shoulders of the legends who came before us. They move the needle forward—they unlock the secrets and the unknowns,” said Jones. “To not explore, to not evolve, to not seek out precious new ground would be a disservice to those who came before us, to those who showed us the way to the wild and raw places where life can be lived in its most pure and precious form.”


TGR has worked with top athletes in their respective disciplines to capture and bring to life the passion behind action sports for 19 years. Known for its media and lifestyle products, TGR has production experience on all seven continents, including commercial work, branded entertainment, original television programming, and 35 award-winning feature films. TGR is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, BICEP, Surfrider Foundation, and Protect Our Winters. Jones founded his snowboard company Jones Snowboards in 2009.

TGR is publishing online excerpts from Jones’s journal every Monday to provide readers a sampling of the book’s content and Jones has been on a signing tour.

“No Words for the Way Down” (produced by TGR and Funny Feelings, LLC) is available at and is supported by Swatch, O’Neill and Clif Bar.