Umarex USA, a supplier of sporting air guns and high quality small bore firearms, has announced the naming of Out of Bounds Creative as the agency of record for Umarex USA's firearm lines. Out of Bounds is an Ogden, UT-based advertising agency specializing in the outdoor sports industry.

“Our partnering with Out of Bounds Creative originated from a desire to make sure we're sending the right marketing message about Colt .22 Tactical Rimfire rifles,” said Justin “JB” Biddle, Marketing Manager for Umarex USA, “Working with a firm that understands the firearm market and is willing to grow with our developing firearm business was an essential part in our selection.”

Out of Bounds Creative is tasked with developing and executing plans and creative material for multiple advertising mediums to assist in the long-term success of Umarex USA's firearm sales. Shaun Mathewson, Out of Bounds Partner said, “I know our whole staff is looking forward to working with Umarex from a strategic and creative standpoint, but truth be told, we're all equally excited just to play with their stuff. I think pretty much everyone has already volunteered to assist on every photo shoot.”