Turtle Fur announced it is joining a pilot program with Limeloop reusable shippers. Limeloop created smart shippers, produced from recycled billboards that can be shipped to the customer with a pre-printed return label inside.

Customers can then place the label in the clear pouch on the outside of the bag, drop it in the mail, and send the reusable bag back to Turtle Fur to be reused for the next order. According to Limeloop, the reusable shipping package could last for as long as 10 years or more.

“Turtle Fur aims to be an industry leading example of sustainability practices and Limeloop provides our brand an opportunity to be one of the first in an innovative movement,” said Colin Giblin, Turtle Fur director of e-commerce. “One of the most exciting pieces is how new this approach is and how far Turtle Fur can take it toward reducing the inherent overall environmental impact of e-commerce.”

Each standard single-use plastic mailer bag from daily shipments consumes one-third of a gallon of water and 3 thousandths of a gallon of oil. Turtle Fur’s goal in using Limeloop reusable shippers will reduce single use bag usage by 200 bags per month, resulting in about sixty-six gallons of water and over a half gallon of oil saved each month.

Turtle Fur will begin with a pilot program available now, where customers can opt in for a small fee to have their order shipped in Limeloop’s reusable shipper.