TuffStuff Fitness International, Inc., the 52-year-old strength equipment manufacturer, was acquired by metals processing and fabrication specialist Brooks Industrial Marketplace.

The deal closed on December 16, 2022, and was reported on March 16; terms were not disclosed.

The move to acquire TuffStuff began in early December 2022 when Brooks reported an opportunity to expand its production in Southern California while adding machinery and personnel to its U.S. team.

“We have now integrated many of our key technical experts from the Brooks teams with the proud and talented team members at TuffStuff. This blend of highly skilled professionals will increase our production efficiencies, reduce order lead times and vastly improve our overall performance,” said Rick Reyes, executive vice president at TuffStuff.

Founded in 1971, TuffStuff engineers and manufactures strength training equipment. Similarly, Brooks is a multi-generational company that provides metals processing, fabrication, engineering, and manufacturing services to an international customer base. By purchasing TuffStuff, Brooks acquired an additional 116,000 square-foot production facility, numerous patents and a lineup of retail and commercial strength products.

“In the case of TuffStuff, a respected brand that has remained committed to innovation and product quality for generations, I saw many parallels to Brooks. Being a fourth-generation metals industry professional, the family legacy of TuffStuff is important to me. Together we will offer the fitness industry new designs and a higher level of equipment customization, and we will do it quickly. While our competitors may ask customers to wait 4-to-6 months, we intend to offer higher equipment quality in less than four weeks,” said Tyler Brooks, chairman and president at Brooks.