Texas-based ammunition manufacturer TV Ammo, Inc. (True Velocity) reported it acquired advanced suppressor technology company Delta P Design. The company’s Board of Directors approved the acquisition earlier this month, further strengthening its portfolio of American-made advanced, lightweight ammunition technology and next-generation weapon systems.

True Velocity initially focused on deploying advanced, lightweight polymer-cased ammunition solutions in the domestic and international defense markets, including the U.S. commercial market. However, the company said the merger with Delta P Design and the previous acquisition of Lone Star Future Weapons in November 2021 demonstrates the company’s accelerated expansion into a growing global market for advanced weapon system technology Made in the U.S.A.

“True Velocity owns world-class ammunition technology, world-class machine gun technology, and, now, with the acquisition of Delta P, world-class suppressor technology,” said True Velocity President and Lone Star Future Weapons Chairman Craig Etchegoyen. “The only rule we have, when it comes to providing the very best technology to our warfighters, is that it must be American-made. With the acquisition of Delta P, we now have the ability to provide our warriors with superior ammunition, superior weapons and superior suppressors, all made here in America.”

Delta P Designs’ American-made centerfire rifle suppressors and accessories enable “enhanced weapon performance through weight, sound and flash reduction while maintaining optimal functionality and maneuverability.”

“At Delta P Design, we have partnered closely with True Velocity for several years to develop signature suppression solutions for their various weapon platforms,” said Delta P Design Director of Business Development David Strong. “We are excited to take this next step in our relationship, which will allow us to propagate our unique technology to users and partners worldwide. We believe that the combination of Delta P Design suppressors with True Velocity lightweight ammunition and weapon designs, will provide the U.S. military and allied nations with a critical overmatch capability, along with helping to solve many health and safety issues to the benefit of our warfighters. We are equally excited at the opportunity to bring these technologies to the civilian firearms market, where health and safety are likewise important.”

True Velocity acquired all outstanding equity interests of Springfield, OR-based Delta P Designs on a cash- and debt-free basis in a reverse triangular merger. The merger is treated as a tax-free reorganization and closed in July 2023.

“We’re extremely excited to make Delta P part of the True Velocity family,” said True Velocity Chairman and Co-CEO Kevin Boscamp. “They’ve demonstrated a culture of innovation in the suppressor space that matches our standard of excellence and will only enhance our ability to take ammunition and weapon technology to the next level.”

Photo courtesy Delta P Design