The Turtle Fur Group has selected True North Brand Group, Inc., Hingham, Ma., to handle its public relations and product placement campaign.

“This company is going through an exciting phase in its history with some new technologies and brands that will be launched to the trades in the coming months. We’re delighted to have True North on board to help us tell these stories,” said Richard Sontag, Chief Turtle at the Turtle Fur Group.

The Turtle Fur Group, which includes both the Turtle Fur brand and the Nordic Gear brand, is a manufacturer of hats and accessories in the snow, outdoor and hunting markets. The company is in the process of launching a new lifestyle brand, which will strengthen their presence in the youth snow sport markets.

“This company is all about authenticity, performance and fun and we’re excited about the expansion plans that this brand has to not only solidify their position in existing markets but their strategy for getting into new markets as well,” said Mark Tedeschi, president of True North Brand Group, Inc.