TriggerPoint, manufacturer of foam rolling and movement products, has formed a Clinical Advisory Board – an established group of clinicians and therapists chosen to guide and advise TriggerPoint on research, clinical course development and product initiatives.  The newly-formed advisory board is comprised of experts in Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Strength and Conditioning and Chiropractic care. TriggerPoint will use the advisory board to drive further efficacy in the clinical market through the development of products and education designed for practicing therapists and clinicians.

“The implementation of a Clinical Advisory Board allows us to continue innovating our products and education while staying attuned and accountable to the latest research, protocols and trends within the market,” said Marco Garsed, VP of marketing for Implus, parent company of TriggerPoint.  “We prioritize the integrity and quality behind our products and education, and look forward to leveraging the advisory board’s expertise on future endeavors to continue leading the category.”

The Clinical Advisory Board held their first meeting in April 2017 to outline research, product and education initiatives. As a result, TriggerPoint is set to release several research studies later this year with an initial focus on TriggerPoint’s new vibrating foam roller – the Grid Vibe.  In addition, TriggerPoint will publish a white paper on the science behind myofascial release this fall.  Future initiatives will include sport-specific therapy plans, injury prevention programs and webinars for physical therapy students.

Photo courtesy TriggerPoint