Scores of
manufacturing trade associations, including the Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Association and Bicycle Products Suppliers Association,  descended on Washington on April 1 to help
fight to amend the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The Act focuses on
lead and phthalate content in toys and consumer goods. The group's efforts are
chronicled at

to a statement from one of the groups attending, The International Association
of Skateboard Companies (IASC), implementation of the Consumer Product Safety
Improvement Act (CPSIA) “is following a worst-case scenario for
manufacturers, retailers and charities. Because of flaws in this law, millions
of perfectly safe products are in the process of being destroyed, costing U.S.
businesses billions of dollars in the midst of one of the worst economic crises
in history. Charitable organizations and thrift stores are being forced to pull
inventory from their shelves at a time when American families need them more
than ever. The supply of science supplies to schools is being curtailed. Youth
model ATV and dirt bikes are no longer available creating a safety issue for
children. Even libraries are at risk of legal liability for lending children�s
books. All of these violations of common sense are being done in the name of


It added,
“From unrealistic compliance deadlines that made it impossible for
industry or the CPSC to adequately prepare before the law went into effect, to
the unprecedented decision to retroactively apply the new lead standards and
phthalates ban to inventory already sitting in stores and warehouses, CPSIA is
causing massive disruptions to industries across the board, particularly small
and medium-sized businesses.”


The IASC noted
that to date, Congress “has refused to fix the flaws in this legislation
or even to hold public hearings on the problem. That�s why business and
charitable groups are organizing a fly in, rally and Congressional briefing on
Capitol Hill to meet with Members of Congress, provide information and bring
attention to the CPSIA crisis.”


The meeting
was held April 1, 10:00am, at Capitol
Visitors Center

HVC201 A&B, The U.S.


will include Members of Congress and representatives from:


  •      Charitable Organizations
  •      National Association of Manufacturers
    (Gov. John Engler)
  •     Small Business owners from various
    industries affected by CPSIA
  •      Motorcycle and ATV dealerships
  •      Thrift stores and consignment shops
  •      Publishers and Library Associations
  •      Product safety and lead experts


against the proposal include:


  •      Alliance
    for Children's Product Safety
  •      American Apparel and Footwear Association
  •      American Motorcycle Association
  •      American Specialty Toy Retailing
  •      Bicycle Products Suppliers Association
  •      Aquatic Sports Suppliers Association
  •      The Art & Creative Materials
    Institute, Inc.
  •      Bicycle Products Suppliers Association
  •      Consumer Specialty Products Association
  •      Fashion-Incubator Association
  •      Fashion Jewelry Trade Association
  •      Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
  •      Handmade Toy Alliance
  •      International Art Materials Trade
    Association (NAMTA)
  •      International Association of Skateboard
  •      International Sleep Products Association
  •      Juvenile Products Manufacturers
  •      Motorcycle Industry Council
  •      National Association of Manufacturers
  •      National Association of Resale and Thrift
  •      National Bulk Vendors Association
  •      National
    Supply &
    Equipment Association
  •      Specialty Vehicle Institute of America
  •      Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association
  •      Toy Industry Association