Trace Action Sports Tracker will now be available through retail specialty shops nationwide.

“We’ve come a long way since we launched our Kickstarter 18 months ago,” said Trace Co-Founder, David Lokshin. “I’m thrilled to be going into core retail and supporting the shops that I grew up in. Surfing and snowboarding has been a huge part of my life and it’s really important for us to support that culture and lifestyle.”

Trace was created to help improve athletic performance by allowing active users to auto-edit video footage taken during swells and rides. Using Trace, athletes can track speed, airtime, vertical, distance, calories burned and more. The system syncs with GoPro, automatically clipping highlights, color correcting footage and overlaying stats on top of edits.

Developed by a father/son team, David and Anatole Lokshin – former CTO and VP of Magellan Navigation – Trace joins the list of successful ventures taken by the pair. In 2011, Davis and Anatole founded AlpineReplay Inc., based in Huntington Beach, CA, in an effort to make action sports more measurable and sharable.

Jordy smith

Surfing Icon Jordy Smith recently joined the Trace team as an official partner.

Surfing Icon Jordan (“Jordy”) Smith recently joined the Trace team as an official partner. The South African-born Smith won the Hurley Pro in 2014 and Billabong Pro in 2013, 2011 and 2010. Smith will take an active role in Trace business and athlete marketing, as well as product development. The Trace device will also accompany him in the current 2015 J-Bay Open at Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

“The technology and analytics of Trace are next level,” said Smith. “It provides me with an accurate review of each surf session and the auto edit allows me to see where I am going wrong and how I can perfect my surfing. In my opinion, this is the next step in surfing progression.”

Trace can be purchased in specialty shops across the country, hand selected for being leading retailers in the surf space, and online.

Trace carriers currently include Huntington Surf and Sport in Huntington Beach, CA, Jacks in Newport, CA, Surf Ride in Oceanside, CA, Mitch’s in San Diego, CA, EVO in Portland, OR, Town and Country Surf and Local Motion in HI, and more.