One year after being acquired by BoxUnion, Title Boxing Club is relaunching its franchise expansion with plans to open more than 300 clubs by 2025 in the U.S.

Throughout 2021, the brand’s new ownership invested heavily in its operations to support unit economics for franchisees, rolling out initiatives to improve franchisee profitability and member experience, focused on four pillars: effective use of technology, innovation and creativity, marketing, and training/support. Management said it visited 92 percent of clubs nationwide to gather feedback from franchise partners, trainers, managers, and club members, in establishing program priorities.

 “We are operators at heart,” said Todd Wadler, CEO, Title Boxing Club and co-founder, BoxUnion. “Having operated our own fitness boxing businesses, we went into this acquisition wanting to take an operations-first approach that focuses on creating a great system that breeds great results. We started with education and building relationships with franchise partners. Talk is cheap. The only way to build trust is to establish smart plans and then deliver results, which we have done.”

“It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from franchise partners who have adopted these newly rolled out programs who are sharing the success it has brought their clubs,” said Felicia Alexander, chief revenue officer, Title Boxing Club and co-founder, BoxUnion. “With all systems in place, the focus for 2022 is solely on execution and growth. We will continue to make hires and investments so the franchise grows the right way.”