Timex launched the #MyExpedition Project, a large-scale social media marketing campaign, to connect with consumers around a shared enthusiasm for the outdoor adventure lifestyle.

To spark conversation and to encourage moments of personal exploration and discovery, Timex is inviting outdoor enthusiasts to create and share original and engaging content on Instagram. Throughout the campaign, consumers will be encouraged to share their own everyday adventure photos on social media with #MyExpedition #Contest for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to one of seven possible locations.

Outside, whose mission is to inspire participation in the world outside, will sponsor the contest on behalf of Timex. This contest is highlighted by the grand prize trip for the #MyExpedition Project winner and a guest to enjoy an all-expenses-paid experience later this summer. The winner will have an option to choose from a number of incredible expeditions including voyages to Machu Picchu, British Columbia, Costa Rica, and Alaska, among others.

“The Timex Expedition brand has always been reflective of the bold, adventurous spirit of the wearer and this year we’re taking an innovative spin on our content creation by letting consumers explore their surroundings and define the outdoor experience for us,” said Sam Martin, Brand Director at Timex.

To further celebrate this adventurous spirit, Timex challenged influential videographer Devin Supertramp and Frisbee Trick Shot extraordinaire Brodie Smith to embark on their ultimate adventure, while capturing thrilling content in a stunning visual setting. This #MyExpedition video will be available for viewing today.

Timex Expedition watches were derived from virtually indestructible 1960s infantry watches and were designed to handle all the wear and tear that comes with an active and adventurous lifestyle. Inspired by the outdoors, the Expedition brand has been among the fastest-growing segments of the Timex portfolio over the past two years.

“Regardless of where you are, the Timex Expedition brand reflects where you’d like to be” Martin added.