The Timberland Company is a 2006 Working Mother 100 Best Company. For 21 years the Working Mother 100 Best Companies has celebrated employers whose groundbreaking benefits-from flexible schedules and child care to innovative leave policies for new parents-are helping redefine workplace standards across the nation.

“Timberland is exceptional for its continuing commitment to working mothers, and we salute them for making the 100 Best for the 3rd time,” said Carol Evans, CEO of Working Mother Media. “Every year we see companies upping the ante, establishing new paradigms for quality of life among their employees and redefining the status quo for workplaces across the country. Among the many worthy entrants, the winners really set the gold standard.”

“I congratulate Timberland for helping its working mother employees balance the demands of their work and home lives,” said Suzanne Riss, Editor-in-Chief of Working Mother magazine. “Timberland recognizes that outstanding family-friendly programs not only improve employees’ lives but also give the company leverage in its ability to attract and retain top talent.”

Riss continued, “It is also important to realize that it is not enough for companies to have work/life programs; we measure the success of these programs. We track whether employees use them, and whether the programs are getting better each year. Timberland has risen to our challenge.”

Profiled in the October issue of Working Mother magazine, Timberland is celebrated for creating a work environment that is especially hospitable to all women, including working mothers. In making family-friendly policies, including flextime, childcare and telecommuting, the norm, the 100 Best are creating corporate cultures that encourage the retention and promotion of their female employees.

“Providing programs that help employees strike a balance between the demands of work and home life isn’t an option, it’s a necessary commitment and an important investment,” said Jeff Swartz, President and CEO of Timberland. “We’re proud to support our employees and their quality of life, and we’re honored to be among the companies recognized by Working Mother magazine this year.”

In surveying the companies that applied for this year’s list, Working Mother gave particular weight to questions in two areas: flexible scheduling, the most critical benefit for working mothers; and leave time, because it is essential for parents to be able to take time off from work, whether it is several months to bond with newborns or several years to be at home with children during their most formative years.