Thule Group has partnered with Bluesign Technologies AG to ensure textile products it uses in its packs, bags and cases adhere to the highest standards in chemistry, resource utilization and have a minimum impact on people and the environments.

“At Thule Group, we want to conduct our business with as little impact on the environment as possible,” the company said in announcing the partnership. “Throughout our history, we have always had this fundamental environmental value in mind. Thanks to rigorous tests during the design and development phase, our high quality products are built to last for a long time.”

“Partnering with bluesign technologies is another step in our continuous focus to improve as a company when it comes to sustainability,” said Magnus Welander, CEO and President Thule Group, which generated sales of nearly $700 million in 2015. “Through the partnership, with a company like bluesign technologies that works across the industry we will increase our focus to meet the high standards we have in relation to the material we use for the production of Thule and Case Logic bags. In addition it will also mean that we can communicate our efforts in a transparent and understandable way to our customers and end-consumers.”

The Bluesign system is applied to textile chemistry and materials to ensure a more responsible use of resources while eliminating substances posing risks to people and the environment from the very beginning of their creation.