Thorlos is a family owned company that designs and manufactures sock products for everything from hiking to tennis to hunting. Every pair of Thorlos – from original concept to finished product – is made in North Carolina, and Thorlos goes to great lengths to ensure that its manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

The water Thorlos uses in its washing and dyeing processes is monitored and tested monthly, ensuring that the company is fully compliant with its water permit. Thorlos process water discharge point has been certified as leak free in soil sample testing, and Thorlos maintains an active spill containment program even though it has never had a chemical spill. Thorlos is in full compliance with storm water run-off guidelines, and all dye and chemical barrels are washed and cleaned prior to being returned for reuse.

Thorlos also uses only recycled or recyclable paper in its packaging. Thorlos uses no materials that are damaging to the environment, and maintains material safety and data sheets on every chemical and agent used in manufacturing. Additionally, Thorlos® facilities have no underground storage tanks, contain no asbestos and produce no air contaminants.

According to Thorlos Chairman and Owner Jim Throneburg, “Thorlos is a leader in responsible corporate community citizenship. It is in our best interest – personally and professionally – to work everyday to ensure that our facilities help keep the water we drink and the air we breathe clean and safe.”