Rolf Schaer, President and CEO of Alpina Sports Corporation, has sold his interest in Alpina Sports Corp to Frank Thibodeau, the company’s marketing consultant of the last 20 years. As a result, the reins of Alpina Sports have been handed from Rolf Schaer to Frank Thibodeau, who assumes the roll of CEO and President.

According to Schaer: “”I feel fortunate to have helped build a company with such a loyal customer base, great staff and sales team. As a company, we have been diligent in creating a solid reputation for reliable service and excellent products. This has helped us to solidify our position in a very competitive industry”’…”That said, the time has come for some new energy to enter the picture…and I am confident that Frank has the commitment and knowledge to lead Alpina to new levels. He is certainly no stranger to our business, having been our consultant for over twenty years in marketing, sales promotion, PR, and product design”.

Thibodeau founded the sales promotion/marketing firm of Pierce and Thibodeau, which he headed for twenty years. During that time he represented, among others; Dartmouth College, Loctite, CCM Hockey Equipment, SLM toys/sleds, and The State of NH Office of International Commerce.

He also co-founded The One Source, a Montreal Canada based print brokerage firm, and Polymer Processing, a company that develops and markets a process enhancement for the plastic blown-film manufacturing process.

According to Schaer, “In addition to his professional credentials, Frank is an outdoor enthusiast, almost to a fault…he ice and rock climbs, hikes, telemark and XC skis, rows a shell, races a Star sailboat and blue water sails and holds 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

According to Thibodeau, “One of my major objectives is to have as seamless a transition as possible…we will conduct business as usual…While we will be setting new objectives, and beginning new initiatives, I have no intention of turning my back on the solid business practices the trade has come to expect from Alpina.”