Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products, a leading producer of innovative pain relief, prevention, and healing products announced the acquisition of The X Brace.

The X Brace, originally developed by Dr. Joshua P. Eldridge, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and a former member of the team treating patients at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, delivers immediate relief of heel pain due to plantar fasciitis and Sever’s disease. Proven effective by athletes and plantar fasciitis sufferers worldwide, The X Brace provides a comfortable, low-profile, pain-relieving solution for previously hard-to-treat circumstances such as wearing flip flops, sandals, or when walking barefoot.

A natural fit into the Medi-Dyne family of brands, The X Brace offers foot pain sufferers and medical professionals an innovative, effective, easy-to-use product. “The acquisition of The X Brace rounds out Medi-Dyne’s comprehensive array of products that address plantar fasciitis and Sever’s disease,” notes Craig DiGiovanni, VP Sales and Marketing, Medi-Dyne, “Our mission is to help sufferers realize both immediate relief and long-term healing in order to get back to the activities they enjoy.  Providing a solution for sandal wearers and for walking barefoot is imperative – there’s nothing on the market that works like The X Brace.”

The X Brace is an effective, easy-to-use foot and heel support solution that complements Medi-dyne’s line of proven cushioning, support, stretching, and massage products. As a result, the company strengthens its position as a leading international provider of plantar fasciitis and foot ailment solutions. “We’ve worked diligently to become plantar fasciitis specialists and we’ll continue to lead the way in offering solutions to span the entire therapy plan from pain relief to healing,” says DiGiovanni.

Medi-Dyne’s plantar fasciitis and Sever’s disease solutions include Tuli’s Heel Cups, Tuli’s Cheetahs, Tuli’s Gaitors, RangeRoller, ProStretch, ProStretch Plus and the ProStretch Night Sock. The acquisition of The X Brace augments Medi-Dyne’s comprehensive selection of products which deliver injury prevention, pain relief, and long-term healing solutions along the entire length of the body’s inter-connective chain of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

The X Brace products and Medi-Dyne products are made in the U.S.A.