Despite the sub-zero cold in Minneapolis, MN,
Bill Belichick dressed in uniform for last night’s Super Bowl LII.

Like all fashion greats, Belechick knows the art of dressing down. His quarter-sleeve sweatshirt over three-quarter-sleeve undershirt, showing just the right amount of manly, tells us that minimalism is the ticket to pulling this Super Bowl look off.

Here, the cool, distressed look is always in style.

And a classic knit pom hat cut ever so carefully reveals a custom, cuff tattered and chic look pre-game.

Here the Bel-i-chic look gets a tonal infusion paired with a muff, classic blue hoody accented with a metallic headset. A nice departure from the gray/blue colorway we often see.


Now that the Super Bowl is over, and sadly the Lombardi trophy went to the Eagles, Bill can relax in his
half-calf performance sweat pant with ribbed half-calf white socks.

With a swing of the whistle and swagger in his walk, the gridiron mastermind. knows that the right accessories can pull the Bel-i-chic look together.

Good Design Is Forever.
Photos courtesy NFL. Illustration Chantal Jahchan