The Renewal Workshop (TRW) announced a $6 million financing round. The round includes Rubio Ventures, Shift Invest, Quadia, Closed Loop Partners, Gratitude Railroad, Portland Seed Fund, Fashion for Good, DOEN, Mosiaco Management, Mistletoe, and Volta Circle.

TRW offers resale and renewal solutions for apparel and textile brands. Leveraging TRW’s technology, operations and fulfillment services, The North Face Renewed expanded its U.S. program to Germany in May. Following that launch, Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy for Life program expanded to France.

TRW recently hired of Sridhar Krishnan as CFO, previously CFO of eBay in the Benelux region. Shay Gipson was hired to lead business development. Gipson has a long history in the apparel industry with Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren and as director of sales and brand relations for the Project and Magic Tradeshows.

TRW has facilities in Oregon and Amsterdam.

Photo courtesy TRW