The North Face Adds Margo Hayes to Athlete Team


The North Face announced the addition of Margo Hayes, Matty Hong, Savannah Cummins, David Allfrey and Anna Pfaff to their outdoor athlete team.

Margo Hayes, of Boulder, CO recently sent the classic ‘La Rambla’ in Spain, becoming the first woman to climb a confirmed 5.15a. Last August, she became the first woman to send ‘Bad Girls Club’, one of Colorado’s most difficult routes at 5.14d, proving she can keep up with the best in outdoor climbing. The reigning national champion in women’s sport climbing has quickly become a consistent podium finisher in sport and bouldering competitions around the world, first in the youth categories and now in the open age category.

“None of us achieve our dreams alone, and I follow in the footsteps of generations of climbers and athletes who have pushed themselves to reach new heights,” Hayes said. “I am honored to be a part of the international climbing community, one that respects each other and our environment. I am also excited to be among The North Face team of athletes who share this appreciation and reflect the potential that each of us possess.”


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