With the start of the ’04 cycling season, Cannondale has unveiled a new corporate look and tag line that will be featured on all of its advertising, packaging, web sites and other promotional materials.

Matt Mannelly, President of the Cannondale Brand, explained the origin of the new tag line; ‘Feel It.’ “We did a lot of research among our customers, our dealers and our employees,” continued Mannelly, “and everyone kept describing these very tactile images. Our smooth welds, the acceleration of our bikes, the light weight of our frames or the fit and comfort of our apparel – all things you can literally feel.”

“‘Feel It’ also touches on the crucial intangibles that resonate with our customers,” added Mannelly, “like our meticulous ‘Made In America’ craftsmanship, the subtleties of our innovative designs, or our own love of cycling.”

Finally, the slogan also speaks to the strong emotional bond between Cannondale and its customers, explained Mannelly. “There’s an incredible sense of passion and community that exists among Cannondale owners. We know customers who have tattooed our logo on their bodies. There’s a Cannondale owner in Massachusetts who named his son Cannondale. We had people fly in from 17 countries for our 30th anniversary Homecoming. The passion people feel for Cannondale is amazing. ‘Feel It’ celebrates that passion and invites and encourages everyone to be a part of it.”

Cannondale’s new tag line and look were officially unveiled this past weekend in Europe at the Giro d’Italia in Italy, and in the U.S. at the recent Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. The new look uses aluminum silver, jet black and pure white as primary colors. Sunset orange will be used as an accent color, fonts have been standardized, and where appropriate, Cannondale graphics and materials will feature rounded corners.