Teton Gravity Research (TGR) revealed the trailer for its 22nd annual feature-length ski and snowboard film, Rogue Elements, presented by REI. Premiering in Jackson Hole, WY on September 16, the film explores the relationship between the whims of Mother Nature and the rogue nature of the adventurer.

“For twenty-two years, we’ve been making films with incredible athletes in harsh environments all over the world. Although we always experience extreme weather, this year felt different,” said Todd Jones, co-founder of TGR. “It was interesting how the whimsical and explosive nature of our cast of athletes so perfectly collided with the rogue nature of the weather this year. It just all came together.”

TGR athlete Angel Collinson said, “these mountains are a force to be reckoned with. They have this untamable feeling, and as humans we crave the encounter with something that we can’t obtain, that is the feeling of Alaska.”

New athletes include Casey Brown and Cam McCaul, two professional mountain bikers, who join Elyse Saugstead, Thayne Rich and Sean Jordan as new additions to the TGR lineup.

Complete athlete line-up includes: Angel Collinson, Jeremy Jones, Ian McIntosh, Tim Durtschi, Dash Longe, Nick McNutt, Hadley Hammer, Johnny Collinson, Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, Clayton Villa, Cam Riley, Griffin Post, Sam Smoothy, Sammy Luebke, Elyse Saugstead, Thayne Rich, Sean Jordan, Casey Brown and Cam McCaul.

Photo and video courtesy Teton Gravity Research