Tedder Industries, LLC., the manufacturer of civilian, law enforcement and military firearm holsters and accessories, appointed Andrew Williams as VP of Finance and to its leadership team. 

With a background in leading finance teams for global corporate companies, including Walt Disney, Walmart and Ford Motor Corp., Williams reportedly brings a wealth of experience and strategic vision to Tedder Industries and Alien Gear Holsters.

Williams will spearhead critical financial functions in his new role, including planning, analysis, forecasting, cost accounting, budget creation and compliance. He will also be responsible for day-to-day finance and accounting operations, focusing on elevating the expertise and performance of the finance team. 

Williams aims to foster and enhance professional relationships with the company’s extensive network.

“Andrew’s wealth of international experience spanning diverse industries, notably in retail and manufacturing, will prove to be an invaluable asset to our company, partners and customers,” said Shawn Hostetter, CEO of Tedder Industries. “Under Williams’ guidance, our finance team is poised to drive the next phase of our growth strategy, enhancing profitability and instilling operational efficiencies throughout the organization.”

Williams has a Master’s degree in Finance and Corporate Strategy and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management from Brigham Young University. He also earned national and international accomplishments and industry certifications. 

Williams’ fluency in Japanese equips him with the language proficiency needed to navigate and excel in diverse markets.

Founded in 2013, Tedder Industries, LLC is headquartered in Post Falls, ID. The company’s Alien Gear Holsters, Rapid Force and Bigfoot Gun Belts are manufactured in a 70,000-square-foot facility. The company’s law enforcement and military experts develop, engineer, test, and patent professional-grade duty holsters for use by global consumers and professionals, including military, government agencies, law enforcement, and private security. 

Images courtesy Tedder Industries/Alien Gear Holsters