Athletic Propulsion Labs announced a sponsorship agreement with Team Flight Brothers. Known as the world’s best dunkers, Team Flight Brothers has been selected as the official team to wear the revolutionary APL basketball shoes with the patent-pending Load N Launch technology designed to instantly increase vertical leap up to 3.5 inches.

After the NBA famously banned the APL Concept 1 shoes in October 2010 because they provided “an undue competitive advantage,” audiences in NBA arenas have been unable to see APL shoes in action. The exclusive sponsorship between APL and Team Flight Brothers will allow NBA and College Basketball audiences to be able to see the APL Concept 1, and the newly introduced APL Concours, shoes perform on the feet of Team Flight Brothers during their world-famous halftime dunk exhibitions. Starting immediately, the Team Flight Brothers dunk squad will publicly perform in Athletic Propulsion Labs basketball shoes in all of their dunk exhibitions.

Adam Goldston, Co-Founder of Athletic Propulsion Labs said, “Team Flight Brothers is known as a collection of the best dunkers in the world and has put on some of the most electrifying halftime shows, charity events and exhibitions in sports. This new partnership brings an unprecedented level of excitement and innovation to the court with the explosive combination of APL shoes featuring Load N Launch™ technology and Team Flight Brothers.”

Ryan Goldston, Co-Founder of Athletic Propulsion Labs added: “This partnership represents a great opportunity for audiences to witness the increases in vertical leap provided by APL shoes on the most sensational dunkers in the world. We cant wait to see the Team Flight Brothers high-flying dunkers experience the benefits the APL Load N Launch technology while performing their breathtaking dunks in arenas around the globe. This will cause people to further speculate as to what the impact of the revolutionary APL shoes would be if they were allowed to be worn by NBA players in game situations.”

Charles Millan, Founder of Team Flight Brothers said, “We are proud to bring the innovative technology and outstanding design of the Athletic Propulsion Labs® products to the public and look forward to pairing them with our team’s unique dunking skills. When we tested the APL shoes with the Load N Launch technology on some of our Team Flight Brothers dunkers, we were astounded by the increase in vertical leap and the reduction in leg fatigue. We immediately knew that the combination of the Team Flight Brothers dunkers and APL products would create some amazing displays of vertical leap for audiences everywhere.”

The Team Flight Brothers team has been represented in over 100 international events/promotions for celebrities since 2008 including Slam, Dime, Kickz magazine as well as multiple shows for ESPN City Slam, Sportscenter’s Top 10 plays, ESPN’s SportsNation and featured on CBS during Prime-time in early 2011. They currently have over 46 million views on YouTube.