With the introduction of new pay options for customers at checkout, from Apple Pay, virtual wallets, fingerprint scans, self-checkout, and other biometric options on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before the preferred payment option of the Greatest Generation was retired from retail.

Target announced on Tuesday, July 9, that, as of July 15, it will no longer accept personal checks from customers at the time of checkout. The retailer confirmed its decision with the Associated Press, citing “extremely low volumes” of customers who pay by check.

Target reportedly told the AP it remained committed to creating an easy and convenient checkout experience with credit and debit cards, “buy now, pay later” services and with its Target Circle membership program, which applies deals automatically at checkout.

The company said in its statement to the AP that “we have taken several measures to notify guests in advance” about the no-checks policy.

Most other big-box department stores and discounters, including Walmart, still accept checks, but the AP noted that “Whole Foods Market and the Aldi supermarket chain previously stopped taking checks from customers.”

Image courtesy Target