TARÇ7 (T7), holding company of airwalk, genetic airwalk skateboarding, andy mac Footwear, and ALPHANUMERIC Footwear brands has appointed Andrew Shaddy Category Manager of ALPHANUMERIC Footwear and andy mac Footwear and Phil Shettig as Category Manager for airwalk Footwear and airwalk Snowboarding.

“Both Shaddy and Shettig are veterans of T7, bringing valuable industry and product expertise to the their respective categories,” said Dan Brown, vice president of product marketing and design.

“We’re confident that Andrew and Phil will combine their knowledge of driving trends and technologies in the marketplace with the valuable feedback from their teams to bring forth the caliber of leading edge product that has come to define these brands.”

In his new position, Shaddy will oversee all aspects of ALPHANUMERIC Footwear planning, working with the appropriate T7 departments on design, marketing, merchandising and sales for the newly launched brand. Shaddy will also serve as liaison to T7’s partner BBC in the development of the andy mac Footwear line, and will be responsible for all aspects of line planning in conjunction with the project partner. Similarly, Shettig will oversee all aspects line development for both the airwalk Footwear and airwalk Snowboarding boot categories. Both Shaddy and Shettig will call on T7’s powerful sourcing, design, marketing and sales teams to execute their brand’s visions.