Volleyball Canada extended their partnership with Tachikara through to 2010 as the “Official Indoor Volleyball” extending the relationship to 24 years.

“Tachikara is extremely proud to continue its unwavering support of Volleyball Canada,” states Daniel Burke, president of Tachikara. “Our company admires Volleyball Canada's organization and commitment to providing volleyball players with extraordinary educational training and opportunities to participate at a variety of competitive levels. We are pleased to dedicate resources that will assist Volleyball Canada in their endeavor to promote the sport throughout the nation in years to come.”

The Tachikara name has become synonymous with Volleyball Canada over the years. The two organizations have worked together since 1986.

“It is the working relationship that Volleyball Canada has with Tachikara that makes this partnership so special,” commented Dave Carey, president of Volleyball Canada. “It has matured to be much more than an exchange of resources, but a joint commitment to manufacturing and delivering an optimal product solely for the advancement of the sport in Canada.”