Swing Racquet + Paddle signed a deal with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. as the leading sponsor of its “first-of-its-kind dedicated multi-racquet and paddle sport and Sportstainment venue.”

Swing and Wilson said in a release that they planned to “revolutionize the racquet and paddle sport experience, growing the player base for racquet sports in the U.S. and beyond.”

“Wilson is thrilled to align with Swing to bring multiple racquet and paddle sports under one roof; it is just what the industry needs. We are very bullish about this project and feel Wilson can play an integral role in Swing’s movement,” said Joe Dudy, president and CEO of Wilson Sporting Goods.

Swing’s Raleigh, NC campus will include a Wilson stringing bar for tennis racquets and be a testing ground for Wilson’s new consumer experiences, driven by augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification. The space will offer a brick & mortar Wilson-branded multi-racquet sport retail experience offering the latest from Wilson equipment and sportswear, be a destination for national and international tournaments and events and continue growing its player base. The multipurpose venue will also be home to a satellite hub of Wilson Labs, the brand’s R&D arm responsible for its racquet sports innovation.

“We have created a new platform that will truly accelerate the growth of racquet and paddle sports by pushing the boundaries on what has traditionally been a highly fragmented consumer experience. With Wilson’s dedication to innovation, we are one step closer to delivering an experience unlike any other destination in the world,” said Rob Autry, founder and CEO of Swing Racquet + Paddle.

Swing and Wilson will also align on community programming in and around Raleigh, offering tennis, paddle and pickleball programming. Wilson will also sponsor scholarships for youth development and other charitable initiatives to grow racquet sports.

Swing’s flagship location is on a 45-acre campus headquartered in Raleigh, NC, that will break ground in 2023 and open to the public in late 2024.