Suunto and Strava, the social network for athletes, announced that the two companies have deepened their partnership. Strava has been a key partner for Suunto since 2014 and today the number of athletes connecting to Strava is growing faster than ever before.

The Suunto app was launched in early 2018 as the companion for Suunto 3 Fitness. It is now the digital solution for Suunto’s new flagship watch, Suunto 9, as well as Suunto Spartan watches. Suunto app integration with Strava will ensure that users can share their activities automatically with Strava and can receive the additional benefits of the service, including kudos, segments and Summit features. All other connected watches of Suunto are also compatible with Strava via Suunto’s Movescount service.

Suunto and Strava users share the same passion for goal-oriented training and sports, especially running and cycling. Together, the companies can provide the best tools for analyzing and measuring the activities to enhance the user experience for their like-minded users. By providing the compatibility with Strava for all its sports watches, Suunto meets the consumers’ needs.

“We want to provide our consumers the best possible solution. By providing the compatibility with the whole Suunto product range is one of our key steps in growing our connected ecosystem,” said Janne Kallio, senior product manager at Suunto.

“Suunto has long been a valued partner for Strava and the Suunto presence has rapidly grown in our community. We’re thrilled that all Suunto devices will now be able to connect to Strava through the Suunto app to make the Strava experience available to even more Suunto athletes,” said Mateo Ortega, director of integration at Strava.

Users who connect their new Suunto watch with Strava for the first time via Suunto app get a 60-days free trial of the Strava Summit All Access membership, while Strava will be soon offering Suunto benefits to their Summit members.

Strava integration plays an important role in the growth of Suunto’s digital ecosystem strategy. As part of its customer centric approach, Suunto aims to be compatible with the world’s leading digital services to provide its users a holistic experience with best-in-class tools and solutions.

In addition, Suunto wants to give opportunity for all the digital services to connect with its engaged sports enthusiasts. The company aims to grow the amount of the compatible services from the current 200+ in the future, by opening its API for new potential partners.

Suunto is also providing collaboration and marketing possibilities for potential partner companies, e.g., by offering the Movesense sensor platform for open development of movement based solutions and services.