Virgin Atlantic announced that its passengers are allowed to take an
item of sports equipment on their flights free of charge. The news
followed a recent ban by British Airways (BA) on surfboards and similar

Virgin maintains that as long as it complies with size and weight
regulations, passengers can check in with one piece of hand luggage and
one piece of sporting equipment, such as skis or a snowboard.

“Our new sports equipment policy enables all sports travellers, whether
Olympic teams or not, to enjoy their journey throughout,” said Paul
Dickinson, sales and marketing manager for the carrier.

On Nov. 6, British Airways installed new restrictions that ban
surfboards and other large sports equipment including kayaks, canoes,
windsurfing equipment, vaulting poles, javelins, and hang gliders. The
airline said these items were not suitable for airport baggage systems
to handle or travel in the aircraft hold due to size and weight
restrictions, as well as customer demand. British Airways recommened
that passengers use freight companies to ship their bulky gear. Skis
and golf clubs are still permitted in the BA baggage, as well as
bicycles and bowling balls.