Super.natural, a provider of natural and synthetic blended performance apparel, announces additions to its United States sales team.  New independent sales representatives are coming on board to cover the Rocky Mountains, Northwest and Alaska sales territories.

Nate Pickens and Heidi Williamson, partners for the sales agency Redfish Outdoor Associates, will represent super.national in  the ID, WY, MT, WA, OR, and AK territories.  Nick Gerber of Project 2 will cover CO, UT and NM.

“We are excited to be able to add two young dynamic sales agencies to the super.natural family,” says Troy Ballard, super.natural US director of sales. “Both Redfish and Project 2 represent the profile of whom, super.natural wants to attract to our brand. Their youthful exuberance and professional approach combined with their desire to be part of building something special is exactly what super.natural is about.”