Allendale. Photos courtesy Sunice

Allendale. Photos courtesy Sunice

Over at Sunice, they’re already smelling the flowers of spring. This outerwear, apparel and accessories brand that caters to both golf and snow activities markets decided to get technical for next year’s golf line, dividing its Spring ’16 collection into five categories: Rain, Wind, Thermal, Layers and Sportswear – each of which packs smart fabrics with unique perks.

“It is always our goal at Sunice to make garments that function flawlessly on the golf course and deliver on style; 2016 is no different,” said Sunice President, Conrad Tappert. “The line covers all possible golf weather conditions, from cold and wet to dry and hot.”

The Sunice Rain category will once again be available in three different technologies and in three Carleton price ranges: Gore-Tex, FlexVent and  Zephal.  All styles have been updated with new color combinations.

“Gore-Tex is our top of the line fabric and offers incredible performance even in the most difficult golf conditions,” said Tappert.

The Wind Collection will continue to be available in two different proprietary technologies: Shield 3L and X2O.  Shield 3L construction offers a soft knit on the outside, and a water-repellent laminate and mesh finish inside. The fabric is then coated  with WxTech for additional protection. The result is a garment that breathes freely, with plenty of stretch and total protection against the wind and light precipitation.

The new lightweight and packable Wind Collection features the X2O fabric which is made from fine, densely woven denier yarn to achieve optimal wind protection and breathability.  The X2O windwear products are also coated with WxTech for water repellency. A great example of this X2O technology is the popular Collins Wind Jacket, which is available in 5 different color combinations.

Anita Sanches, director of product creation shared that, “In the Thermal Collection, our Franz jacket and Ingo vest have been updated and now features 3M Thinsulate. This new synthetic insulation stays warm even when it’s wet so it was easy decision.”

Many new colors have also been added to the Layers category. For instance, the Allendale Pullover has four new colors: Scarlet Flame, Toxic, Charcoal and Aquarius. The Allendale Pullover continues to be popular due to its high quality double knit fabric and four needle flat lock stitching.

The 2016 men’s Sportswear category once again will featuree styles with Silver X-Static and XT2 technology. Silver is at the core of X-Static and XT2 technology and is recognized as one of the most effective anti-microbial agents in the world, Sunice says.

“We are very proud of our new Coollite polos,” said Sanches. “Thanks to their appealing look and comfortable feel, they are proving to be a big success.”



In addition, Sunice has introduced additional styles of Sportswear which feature Coollite performance fabric. New styles include the Eastwood and Wyman polos.”We are very proud of our new Coollite polos,” said Sanches. “Thanks to their appealing look and comfortable feel, they are proving to be a big success.”

As with the Men’s collection, the Sunice Women’s 2016 Spring collection features the same five categories and their respective technologies. “New vibrant colors are dominating this year and we are loving it,” added Sanches. “The design team had a lot of fun working with these colors. A nice example is our Elan waterproof jacket which features a Plumberry and Precious Purple combination.”