Stream Works, Inc., the manufacturer of fishing accessories under the Stream Works label and customizable headwear under the Hat Tail label, hired a new advertising agency. “Never Boring Design Associates” of Modesto, CA. has already helped design a new look and feel for Stream Works fishing kits.

Steve Harden, Executive Vice President of Stream Works, Inc. chose Never Boring Design after a thorough and interactive search process. Harden said, “Never Boring Design won our business with their desire to learn and level of enthusiasm about representing Stream Works and Hat Tail.” “Never Boring Design understood our unique business model and brought with them an appreciation for our emerging brand.”


Additionally, the client base of Never Boring Design included many successful consumer brands that were once in the same position that we find ourselves; a start-up, with some phenomenal products, looking to synergize and create a national expansion. Other brands that Never Boring Design has worked on include; G3, RQuest on the national scene and several medium sized brands that benefited from their innovative and fresh design styles. 


Harden went on to mention, “the first project for Never Boring Design was a new look and feel for our new Stream Works “fishing kits”. These fishing kits will be featured at locations including; Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Sports Authority, Academy Sports, Bass Pro, Cabela’s and several hundred local fishing retailers around the country. Harden remarked, “we’ll know how good the designs are next week when we attend the ICAST trade show in Las Vegas.” ICAST is the largest and highest attended fishing show in the world.

David Boring, owner and creative director at Never Boring Design stated, “We are delighted to have Stream Works and Hat Tail as customers, and look forward to helping them realize their potential.” Boring added, “Stream Works has many compelling and relevant products for the fishing world which will allow them to grow strategically.” “On the Hat Tail side, they have so many cool and patented hats that the sky is the limit. From their first Hat Tail, the first hat with a tethering system to keep you from losing your hat, to the latest PLUGS hat designed for any noisy environment, will assuredly provide the growth they desire.” Boring went on the say, “our entire team at Never Boring Design is excited about the future of Stream Works and our ability to help them achieve their goals.” “We’ll have Julie Orona our art director and Betty Gay our graphic designer working overtime to ensure Stream Works is ready for the ICAST show next week,” said Boring.