Stack Sports has partnered with Mission Control to accelerate the growth of recreational esports in communities in the U.S. Mission Control just announced a $1.75 million seed round to further grow its platform.

The Partnership will be the first step in a series of investments for Stack Sports in the esports space. Stack Sports works with over 50 million people in more than 35 countries.

“We could not be more excited to team up with stack sports and provide recreational esports for their clients and partners. Traditional sports organizers using esports to extend values of character and team building is an important step in achieving our mission of gathering and growing community. Aligning with the leading technology provider in recreational sports further validates the need and growth of recreational esports in the global/national community,” said Daniel Herz, chief revenue officer

Stack Sports said that following new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, more organizations are looking for ways to innovate and incorporate a remote offering to families. The casual social experience offered by Mission Control allows local recreational groups to form and run a league. During COVID-19, Mission Control has more than doubled its partner base providing an opportunity for communities to gather digitally through video games.

“We believe this is a great first step in bringing esports to the larger Youth Sports market,” said Jeff Brunsberg, chief revenue and strategy officer at Stack Sports. “Helping youth sports organizations adapt to the changing world has been a huge focus for us at Stack Sports, before and during the COVID-19 crisis. We believe Mission Control will be a great addition for organizations looking to create a fun and innovative way to engage their athletes.”

Illustration courtesy Stack Sports