Stable Step, LLC, which owns the Powerstep brand, recently acquired Archmolds, LLC, a privately-held company. The acquisition of Archmolds, LLC will improve Stable Step’s orthotics offering to existing customers.

“We are excited to once again expand our offering of high-quality orthotics with the addition of Archmolds heat moldable insoles. They perfectly complement Powerstep products,” said Rhonda Newman, president of Stable Step, LLC. “Additionally, Archmolds customers will gain access to a wider variety of Powerstep orthotics and supports. We expect a seamless integration for all customers and they’ll continue to get the highest quality products and
excellent customer service they’ve always experienced with Stable Step.”

Archmolds offers a full line of heat moldable insoles including the Ultimate, Maximum, Standard, Lean and Multisport models for optimal performance, health and comfort. They feature polyurethane cushioning over a full-length, heat-moldable sub-layer that includes a deep heel cup and adequate arch support for motion control. Archmolds provide a custom-like, personalized fit and mold to the shape of the foot without compromising support. Archmolds insoles help support and align the body properly during daily activities or while walking, running, skiing and hiking. They also aid in the relief and the prevention of many common problems including heel and arch pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, runner’s knee, overpronation and knee and back pain.

Archmolds was founded in 2005 and was headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Stable Step, LLC was founded in 1991. Powerstep retail products are sold in independent run specialty and sporting good stores, independent pharmacies and shoe stores nationwide and Powerstep ProTech products are dispensed by thousands of medical professionals. The majority of Powerstep® products are manufactured in the USA. Stable Step, LLC is an employee-owned company located in West Chester, OH and a subsidiary of Remington Products.